• About British Columbia

The Coast Mountains of British Columbia and specifically the Sea to Sky Corridor between Vancouver and Pemberton are not only one of the most beautiful running destinations in the world but also our backyard (there's a reason we've chosen to live here). This is a landscape formed by major geologic forces coming together. The volcanic and glacial history in the area is obvious and exciting, especially in contrast to the Pacific Ocean backdrop. Vancouver provides excellent access with a major airport and only 5hrs from Seattle by Car. We are based at the end of the Howe Sound fjord in the town of Squamish where the valley bottom rainforest is criss-crossed by trails. Steep valley walls make the mountains imposing but here and there, access is permitted by road, cable car, or those willing to embrace the steep elevation gain of our sub alpine trails. Once in the alpine, the feeling of remoteness becomes clear. The lush forrest and glaciated terrain near the Coast gives way to older peaks and a drier climate as you move inland. 

  • What makes this a ‘Dream Trip’?

Hands down, the ruggedness and remote feeling of BC are it's best selling point. While a few trails may have the crowds you find in the Alps, let us help you get off the beaten path and explore somewhere new on an adventure you will never forget. Regardless if you want to review a race course in the valley with the advice and experience of a coach or experience stunning new alpine terrain, we can tailor the perfect trip for you. Flip through the menu below to see what we offer and then reach out to help us design a run for you!

Ridgeline scrambling high on Mt. Brunswick along the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

Ridgeline scrambling high on Mt. Brunswick along the Howe Sound Crest Trail.


+ Coached Race Course Review

It is exceptionally tough to fly from other parts of the country and race to your full potential in Coastal BC. Our trails are highly technical and the more practice ahead of race day, the better. Even if you train in BC, it's important to experience the exact trails of your upcoming event. A coached review of the race course will dramatically increase your chances of success. We will review the entire course with you on a map, select the critical parts of the course to run, discuss technique to utilize in the race, develop a race strategy (including fuelling and hydration), and discuss training leading into both the race and our run.

We offer course previews for the following races:

If you have another on your list, just let us know!

+ Coached Trail and Mountain Adventures

This is where we get to show off the gems of BC. The majority of runners and hikers stick to a few easy-access trails but we will help you explore new trails and zones that you didn't know exist! If you are looking to find new places, or are just a bit uncomfortable tackling an objective on your own, we can help. After you get in touch, we will determine your goals, develop a route plan, monitor weather and trail conditions prior to the run (be prepared for either a backup plan or date), discuss pre-run training, equipment, and nutrition, and deal with start/finish logistics.

The following is just a sample of route options:

+ Logistics

Coaching, logistics, and cost vary based on goals and group size. We will work together to design the best option for you!

Alpine lake on the Sea-to-Sky Gondola Alpine Loop

Alpine lake on the Sea-to-Sky Gondola Alpine Loop