At Ridgeline Athletics, we’ve identified a handful of locations throughout the world that are the most exciting locations we have ever seen for trail, mountain, and hut-to-hut running, and we want to share them with you. These are the places that, of all the places we've run and raced, we continue to dream about. 

  • Who are Dream Trips Designed for?

Athletes of all abilities are encouraged to apply for our trips. If we don't feel that you are up to the fitness or ability level necessary for a particular trip we will either work with you to ensure you are up to speed by the trip departure date or suggest an alternative trip that might be more appropriate. Regardless, our trips are focused on multi-day, hut-to-hut trail running adventures or technically challenging mountain running adventures. If that sounds interesting to you, it's worth getting in touch!

  • Why join a dream trip?

It's incredibly easy to run the same routes day in and day out. We're all guilty of falling into a routine. One of the greatest things about trail running is the unlimited access we have to incredible environments. Instead of running that same loop you do every day, or even that route that everyone is posting on Instagram about, join us for a one of a kind adventure, completely off the beaten path. We'll take care of all the planning and logistics and make sure that the itinerary is well suited for our group. Instead of choosing a 'destination' race where you spend all your time preparing for, and recovering from, a race that you might run a good portion in the dark, our trips will give you a challenge but also allow you a chance to enjoy your surroundings, personalize it to your strengths, and really experience the place we visit! 

  • Which trip is best for me?

Each of our trips will have a different goal and therefore different requirements for athletes. Click into the detailed trip description to get a better idea of what each one is about. Andorra and Slovakia will have a mountain running focus (lots of vertical gain and loss!) while Norway will be a trail running focus (more 'runnable' terrain). Reach out for us to help you decide which option is best.

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